Tactile Book Builder Kit

"Build" a book and create a child’s connection to literacy!

The Tactile Book Builder Kit contains a wide selection of materials enabling users to quickly custom-make books of many kinds—firsthand experience storybooks, concept books, simple texture books, informational books, alphabet books, adaptations of print books, and more! A large, varied assortment of pre-cut pages permit easy attachment of objects and presentation of collaged textures, shapes, raised line drawings, and multisensory elements as illustration. Braille paper, braille label material, and clear page protectors offer multiple ways to add braille and print text. All pages fit into sturdy plastic binders with re-closeable safety loops. Binders feature an open-view front to allow users to create and insert their own tactile cover art.

Kit Includes
  • 4 large binders
  • 3 small binders
  • 16 board stock pages, various colors
  • 20 sheets braille paper, folded pages
  • 16 card stock pages
  • 4 fabric pages for hook and loop attachments
  • 4 magnetic pages
  • 10 needlepoint canvas pages, various colors
  • 20 page protectors
  • 24 polyblend pages, various colors
  • 6 pocket pages
  • SoundPage for binders, 3 recording devices
  • 5 Ziploc® pages
  • Braillable clear plastic label material 40 large, 100 small
  • Braille templates, pack of 3 sizes
  • Assorted attachments–hook and loop adhesive-backed strips and coin sets, magnetic attachments, and zip ties
  • Guide to Designing Tactile Books, print
Guide to Designing Tactile Books, is a 120-page illustrated handbook assisting teachers and caregivers in creating books and tactile illustrations matched to the skills of a particular child.

Among the topics addressed include:
  • Learning through touch
  • Designing tactile, multisensory, interactive illustrations to represent features tactual learners find significant
  • Principles of good tactile design
  • Specific design guidelines for various types of tactile illustrations and suggested sequence of difficulty
  •  Fine motor, exploratory, and cognitive skills needed to examine and interpret tactile illustrations
  • Photos and descriptions of exemplary tactile books
  • Lists of craft items and materials for use in tactile books
  • Numerous "story-starter" ideas for books across a range of ages and abilities

APH Products to use with Tactile Book Builder: Picture Maker Textured Shapes (61-151-168), Picture Maker Geometric Textured Shapes (1-08838-01), and Classroom Calendar Kit Day Numbers (61-410-004).

WARNING: Choking Hazard–Small Parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without supervision.

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Tactile Book Builder Kit Catalog Number: 1-08826-00
Format: Product
Catalog Number: 1-08826-00
Format: Product

Price: $519.00

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