Holy Moly

This colorful tactile board book with rhyming text and interactive components encourages young tactual learners to use their fingers to:
  • explore holes, in a variety of sizes and locations “find the one that fits your finger, turn the page and make it wiggle!”
  • lift flaps to “...find the hole that likes to hide”
  • weave a cord in and out...tie a knot or bow
  • count the holes...1–2–3 and discover that some holes aren’t what they seem! (Hint: they’re round scented stickers and textured appliques)

Holy Moly was designed for learners up to 3 years of age, the multisensory and interactive components engage the child in a movement or action that is connected to the text in a meaningful way. And as children keep hands busy exploring these features, they encounter the braille text and manipulate sturdy, easy-to-turn pages. Children take their first steps toward learning to read and write early in life. Reading aloud to a child, from infancy onward, has been cited as a key contributor to later success in learning to read—motivating children to become readers.

Early experiences with books provide opportunities to encounter written words and to learn book-handling skills. Oral language skills, listening skills, and vocabulary are built as the adult reader and young child share a book and talk about its words and tactile illustrations and relate these to the child’s own experiences.

Field evaluations were carried out with 27 children in the book’s target audience. The following comments were made by participating teachers and parents:

Age Range:
3 and Up


Holy Moly Catalog Number: 6-77910-00
Format: Product

Price: $67.00

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